sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

British Armor Company WIP II

I was working on those tanks since december, but the terrain project for the tounament in january took all my hobby time.

They are from Plastic Soldier Company and Forged in Battle (the plastic ones and the resin/metal respectively). The plastic tanks are amazing, but require some attention to assemble, because the instructions arent clear.

The Forged in Battle tanks are very detailed, and the hulls have the details different from one tank to another, but metal is metal and they are a paint to assemble. the M10 guns i will pin, but the stuart ones i will simply glue.

I pretend to assembly another 5 turrets with small guns for the shermans, i think that the big ones are for the Firefly.

My brother is assembling a german panzerkompanie too, and i expect to have a flames of war game in March.

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