sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

Tortuga Pirate 54mm

Last night I finished the model that we started at Julio Cabos's workshop. I didnt have the correct skin tones to make some repairs in the paint job so i've ordered one. It is this kit, from andrea miniatures.

So heres's the figure! Very fun to paint. I tested some new techniques, i paind the sword applying the shades from GW directly over the metal.

segunda-feira, 27 de maio de 2013

Painting workshop with Julio Cabos

This weekend we had a painting workshop with Julio Cabos, a spanish master painter who works for Andrea Miniatures.

The workshop was realized at Porto Alegre, capital of the Rio Grande do Sul state.

There was 25 atendees for the workshop, from all around the coutry, with different skill levels.

The class focused on skin painting and cloth painting, using both brush and airbrush, Mr Julio is a experienced teacher, and his lessons where very clear.

Was nice to meet the friends i made in the last wokshop with Fernando Ruiz, and meet the other guys who missed it in the last year.

 The artbox for the figure, painted by Julio Cabos

 Another two figures painted by Julio Cabos
 This figure a friend brought to show to us! Eyecandy!
 My work at the workshop

People paying attention !

At this time, my camera went dead, shame on me. But my GF took some pictures with her phone!

 Everybody paying attention at the lesson!
 A fantastic pin-up, this picture was taken by a samsung galaxy, and now i think to throw away my crappy camera.
A picture with Maestro Julio!

Posing for the official picture!

A great view from Porto Alegre, took at the restaurant we had lunch.

I had a great time, meet some nice people, learned new tricks and painted a little bit! I even got two miniatures painted by Alessandro Nascimento(thank you buddy!), and won an Andrea's Red paint set! Until the next one!

ps: theres a link for Ale's album, with tons of pictures:

quarta-feira, 22 de maio de 2013

sexta-feira, 17 de maio de 2013

Eldar Harlequin Troupe WIP V

Now, 2 more clowns on the assembly line!

Tonight i finished the harlequin texture and started the yellows.

Im trying a new recipe for this color:

Base color
Tanned Flesh (Coat 'd Arms)
Gryphonne sepia (citatel)
Golden Yellow (citatel)
Elf Flesh + Golden Yellow

Lets see how it will be...

(in the picture below, the yellow isnt finished yet.)

terça-feira, 14 de maio de 2013

Eldar Harlequin Troupe WIP IV

Last night I finished the Troupe Master. Used the airbrush to make the sword.

I tried to paint the other swords using the same technique of the power weapon, and i liked the results. But next time i will use more grey and skip the black.

terça-feira, 7 de maio de 2013

Eldar Harlequin Troupe WIP III

So I almos finished the paint job in this figure, made all the details.

The sword I will batch paint with the other 5, i pretend to use the airbrush.

sexta-feira, 3 de maio de 2013

Eldar Harlequin Troupe WIP II

Those guys will give me a lot of work...

I made the bronze on the troupe master, used agrax earthshade and gripphon sephia for the shadows, and shinning gold for the main color.