quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Striking Scorpions Finished

I finally managed to finish my Eldar Striking Scorpions!

Those are the first models that i painted after Fernando Ruiz class, so i tryed the new tecniques on those models. I managed to get a good blending of the green colors, but it took a long time, so I droped it and made my usual painting.

Those are finecast figures, and i am a lot frustrated with them. I will try to not buy finecast and stick with plastics and metalic ones if i find them on ebay. Or if GW manage to improve the Finecast models quality.

I made a recipe with the colors i used. Because of GW embargo, i started to purchase coat d'arms paints. So heres what i used:

Base: (GW) Scorpion Green

Shade: (GW) Scab Red
1st Highlight:  (CdA) Camo Green

Yellow Stripes:
Base: (GW) Vomit Brown

1st Highlight: (GW) Golden Yellow

Base: (GW)  Dwarf Bronze
Shade: (GW)Devlan Mud
1st Highlight:  (Gw) Burnished Gold

2nd Highlight: (Gw) Burnished Gold + Mithril Silver

Base: (GW)Mechrite Red
1st Highlight: Blood Red 

Make a line of Orange on one side and a dot of White in the other side

Base: (GW) Chaos Black

1st Highlight: (CdA) Iron Grey 

2nd Highlight: (CdA) Slate Grey

Base: (GW) Calthan Brown
Shade: (GW) Devlan Mud
1st Highlight:  (GW)Vermin Brown

This recipe was VERY useful! I recomend to make one.

I used my airbrush to paint the base. I did it in 20 minutes.

And now I will paint Attila from Andrea Miniatures

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