domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2013

Eldar War Walker WIP III

After a long time i have a free weekend to paint my stuff.

So I worked a little more on my war walkers, and tested a new "eldar camo patterns"

First off, i finished the wraithbone, using my old recipe (graveyard earth, kommando kahki and bleached bone), sometimes i appy a wash of ogryn flesh, but i didnt this time.

Next i painted some areas yellow, and after that i used masking tape, trying to draw some lines on those areas. After that i painted blue (Ultramarine blue, enchanted blue and ench blue+elf flesh)

Then i removed the masking tape, i should have applyed more yellow and drawed a little more, but im happy with the result.

Ill try to finish them tomorrow, needing only to paint the details, assemble and apply the varnish.

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