segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2013

18th Animextreme - Porto Alegre

We where invited again to show our miniatures on the 18th Animextreme, wich was held in Porto Alegre - RS at Julio de Castilhos High School.

We really liked this one, better than the last one.

Our room was full all the time, with people taking pictures and asking about the game. Wargames in general are unknown to our country, and our club are trying to bring some light on them.

This event is mainly for Anime fans and cosplayers, but they open space for "thematic rooms" (rpg, card games, boardgames, fan clubs and the like).

So our club where invited for the next one in october, and i think we will go better organized! Thank you for all people who visited us and for our crew (Alex, Menello, Ismael, Airwalker, Bitten, Monty, André) who made it happen!

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