sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2013

Military Museum of Porto Alegre

Once per month i have dentist school here in Porto Alegre.

And this week i took some time to visit the military museum of our estate capital! And of course, i brough my camera!

Here they are, lots of tanks parked there!

A Stuart "Honey"

A M8 Greyhound

Heres a Shermann!

Heres a M60 (Nope! It is a M41)
 You can climb the M41 and take a look inside, but the interior was in a bad shape and my picture was out of focus.
A Leopard
 Another M8

Other Stuart
I think this tank is from brazilian fabrication. (X1 named "Caxias")

 Some howitzers and a mortar
 A .30 machine gun mounted on a armored car
 The other section of the museum
 A .50 Anti Air

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  1. Dude, when you say M60, that is in fact, an M41, named "Caxias" in Brazilian service. The other one you thought was made in Brazil, you were partially right. That was a X1, if I remember correctly, which were based on the Stuarts. Something like an upgraded Stuart, longer, with better suspension and better gun.

  2. Hi FOU!

    Thank you for commenting! I am making the proper corrections!