sexta-feira, 1 de março de 2013

18th AnimeXtreme and our gaming club.

Yesterday we just confirmed our presence in this event. It is the biggest "nerd" event that we have in the south of Brazil, and it is focused mostly on cosplay and RPG's.

They have thematic rooms, where various clubs are invited to show they hobbyes,  with the presence of boardgames, videogames, martial arts, music, more cosplay and even more RPG, and for the second year, wargames.

We will demonstrate some 40k, infinity and lord of the rings games, exhibiton of figures, and i think (and hope) that some of the guys will bring they'r brushes to a paint session!

This event will happen in Porto Alegre, April 06 and 07. But we will be there only in the sunday. And we hope to find new players there and grow our community a little more.

 18º Animextreme

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  1. That's it my friend! Go full nerd! :D

  2. from stealthy geek to full nerd, sounds like "DING"