quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2013

3 years on the Blogosphere!

So, march 3 this blog made three years!

Navigating through old post i could remember what was happening on that time, so it really became a diary.

I could see my evolution in painting miniatures, photography and even where i was living on that time! Another thing we can see is the evolution in general of this hobby on our state, 3 years behind and i only knew 3 hobbysts, now we are about 10 hardcore and active hobbysts.

The consolidation of our club is another good thing to us, we still dont have a HQ but we are working on it!

And on top of everything, theres the good friends that i made in those years!

So thank you all!!!!

ps: theres some status of the pageviews and public.

Heres a picture of total pageviews (27.000)

Now we have the public and the most viewed posts:

And the reference sites:

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