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Magnetizing a Tyranid Warrior (6th edition kit) - ENG


I have aquired the new tyranid kit, and they come with the option to assemble the tyranid prime, and also come with all the options of weapons and upgrades available to this unit. My idea is to assemble 3 warriors, but not the prime, but it is a model that deserve some attention and also is a interesting HQ option.

Another thing that made me magnetize this kit was the colse combat weapons options. Now I can choose whatever weapon for each model in the unit, like the excelent option to use the rending claws. I will not magnetise the schiting talons, this is a poor option for this unit. Two warriors will receive the magnets only for the close combat weapon, while the other one will be fully magnetized.

SO here we go, firts i removed all the pieces from the sprue and cleaned it from theyr mold lines. I assembles the legs and torso. The weapons where cleaned too.

For the magnetization I used two drills and the pin vise. The drills where 3mm and 1,5mm and the magnets where 3x2mm and 1,5x1mm

The first magnet where inserted at the figure waist, using the 3mm drill and gluing the respective magnet. In the arm socket, where glued the 3mm  magnets. In the lower arm socket, must be careful to keep a distance from the waist magnet, in the upper arm socket must be careful to not drill in the figure neck área.

The magnet north must be keep standard, so the pieces will be interchangeable.

In the arms, the 1,5mm magnets where used. To keep them properly fix, its good to keep the magnes straighter as possible and with the maximum contact between them. It’s a good thing to try the assemble before drilling the magnet hole.

After the magnetization, the model will be sturdy. You can move the figure pushing it by the torso without problems, but if you have a bigger magnet, its good to use at the waist-torso socket . I magnetized just one leg to use as a warrior/prime and all the respective arms sockets, and the most used weapons from the kit. You can magnetize all the kit without much problem.

With the kit magnetized, i have the option to swap all the close combat weapons, as well as using the Tyrant Prime.

So heres the pictures:

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