terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

Boardgame Weekend (17 - 18/02)

Well, the carnaval holiday has its advantages. I think almost everyone from our group appeared to play boardgames.

Its not all that like to go party, so we turn on a rock'n roll and began to throw some dices.

First we started with a match of the defunct AT-43. The miniatures are amazing, the game mechanics are simple but it could use a small upgrade or a clarification of the rules.

I lost the match, but i didnt thougth that those Red Blok striders where so tough.

The guys in the other table played LoTR the card game (that one co-op game) and Stone Age.

After we finished playing AT-43, we joined in the boargames. We played Smallworld, then tryed to play Gears of War (no one knew the rules). After that we tested Macao, a good game but very difficult to create a strategy. 
 As our Club Boss said "when everybody is standing up when playing a game, is that thing is getting serious"

After dinner we finished playing MAcao and started to play 7 Wonders, this game become very interesting when played with seven people.

On the other day we played GOZU, this game didnt catch the attention of anyone. After that we tried to play Civilization, but again, no one remebered the rules. Then we played Steam, this one a great game. After that we packed our thing and drive back home.

Again we had a great time playing those games, and thanks again to our host Mr. Montagna, for lending his house for us to play.

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