terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

British Armor Company WIP III

Today I finished the assembly of the 4 M10 and 4 Stuarts, both models from Forged in Battle.

They have good detail, but are a little difficult to assemble. But the M10, and the crew, are amazing. The stuarts had some small parts that where difficult to remove from the sprues. The other thing i missed was some instructions to assemble those kits.

I had finished the shermans before i went in vacation, those models are from The Plastic Soldier Company. I am thinking to assemble another 5 turrets with short barrels, to swap between shermans and fireflys.

Tomorrow, if the weather helps, i will prime those miniatures.

ps: Awww crap, now looking the pictures at FiB, i saw that i glued the MG in the wrong place :(

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