segunda-feira, 11 de novembro de 2013

19º AnimeXtreme

Again, this year our gaming club was invited to go to Animextreme.

They had changed the place, i was a little worried about the layout of the place and our localization, but everything was allright. We had a great time!

We showed some warhammer fantasy, reaper bones and rackham figures on one table. On the other table we played combat patrol rules for warhammer 40k, and on the last table, there fas the MDF terrain that Ismael developed and some infinity miniatures.

And heres the pictures:

Aaand the doors are opeen!

Some 40k Combat Patrol.

 Airwalker assisted this Padawan. I never rolled that badly.

Our tables, we shared the space with RPG players and boardgamers

 And the CGW's team: Me, Alex, Airwalker, Monty, Ismael and Phan

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