sexta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2013

3rd Eldar Wave Serpent WIP IV

After returning home, some of the miniatures got damaged and i repaired them this week. Now i bought some foam trays and i will manage to make a custom bag for them.

The miniatures on CPW where very coool and i was inspired to make mine better, adding some freehands to the wave serpents.

I searched the internet for inspiration and techniques, and decided to make a dragon on one tank and a hawk in the other. It proved to be a bad idea.

Heres, the sequence of the drawing, the eagle was turning ok, but when i put the details with the brush things went wrong.

Both freehands where crap. The hawk is so-so, and i keep it on the tank, but the dragon was very ugly. I Primed the wave serpent hull and painted it all again.

Still i needed some details to make it stand out. I tried the true fire effect, tested it in a piece of paper and I liked the result.Then i applied in the wave serpent.

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