segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013

Visiting Paulista's Wargaming Club (Clube Paulista de Wargames)

 Hi all!

This weekend I visited my friends at CPW (Paulista's wargaming club),  based on São Paulo's city. The guys from the club already visited us in Canoas and now i had the opportunity to return the visit.

After arriving, i met Estevão from The Painting Frog, had lunch and waited for Marcos, from Papo de Mesa Podcast. After Marcos arrive, we went straight to CPW's Headquarters.

There we met the rest of the guys, all members and founders of the club. They have their own wargaming room, with 4 official tables, a painting table and lockers and shelves for storing miniatures, terrain and accessories.

Me and Marcos played a 40k match, eldar vs ig (1850pts) with so many bad dice rolls that made justice of our reputation of poor dice rollers.

After that, we played an introdutory match of Mordheim, i played with a goblin warband, on the AMAZING table made by AJ.

The next day, we played an mordheim  mini campaign, that, again i rolled bad and lost all matches. At night we went to dinner in a Japanese restaurant.

On Sunday, we meet at the club, played some Zombicide,  packed my things and came back home.

Thank you for all CPW's members, and all the other guys who where there for the hospitality and the great time, and the hours spendt talking about small plastic soldiers and their epic battles!

And now, the pictures:

$0k match 1850 pts, eldar vs ig

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